Hi, I'm Jinrui

I seek to make data understandable and beautiful in the field of human computer interaction.

MSc Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh

// Interactive installation

X-cept All

Data analysis, Software design

In this exploration of data privacy awareness, we aim to rekindle the dialog about privacy online. We physicalised digital actions of accepting cookies with simulated data and present the consequences of those actions.

Edinburgh Science Festival, 2022

// Data visualisation

Digital Newspaper

Data anlysis, Visualisation design

We present an interactive digital newspaper prototype for library visitors a chance to explore an overview of the Spiritualist dataset by communicating with key figures’ data visualisations and stories.

National Library of Scotland, 2021

// User experience design


Co-design workshop organize, ux designer

An exploratory solution to create a safer commuting experience for University students. This project targets sustainable design. Our solution is solely based on extensive generative user research.

Case Study, 2021

// Data visualisation

Data Factory

Data anlysis, website design

A web experience for 3d modelled visualisation, uncovering how personal data is used online. Our data factory took inspiration from the conveyor belt system to make our project accessible, intriguing, and comprehensible.

Design Informatics Project, 2022

@ Jinrui Wang 2022